High Quality Low Income Housing
Fez Tá Pronto Fez Tá Pronto


A radical paradigm shift in the Brazilian and global housing industry – the Fez Tá Pronto Construction System© uses a patented gypsum plaster block within a copyright protected building technology.

Bringing unprecedented affordable, high quality, environmentally friendly and technically adherent standards, the system and its accompanying management processes genuinely attend the real housing needs of base of the pyramid (BoP) and low income groups. Please see our short introductory video below:

Based in Brazil´s petroleum capital, Macaé (Rio de Janeiro) – and approved by the country´s largest home lending institutions – Fez Tá Pronto ("Done and Ready") operates as a genuine and proven response to the conundrum of attending the massive shortfall of developing world affordable urban housing.

Kindly take the time to view our "Brazil without Favelas" report to the right as well as browse photos of previously executed projects and other outlined information on this site.